• منظف ومزيل للشحوم وللزيوت من الأسطح للمطابخ
  • Multi Surface Degreaser Remover
  • Package Type: 1 L plastic .

منظف ومزيل شحوم فورى يزيل الشحوم والدهون والزيوت النباتيه وأيضا البتروليه .مزيل الشحوم يستعمل للمطابخ الصناعيه والمنزليه. لنظافة المداخن و الفلاتر ، الأرضيات والحوائط

Degreaser  is used to remove food soils and grease  from all types of surfaces. Degreaser can be brushed on, wiped on, pressure sprayed or used in a soak bath. Degreaser is effective in both hard and soft water. All ingredients are environmentally acceptable

Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser strips away fats, vegetable oils, grime and grease as well as petroleum oils Degreaser is effective in both hard and soft water Use : 10 % v/v warm water use for degreasing hoods, vents, grills, walls, floors and equipments in commercial kitchens.

       Application                                Use Concentration                         Temperature

  • -Stainless steel tanks, fillers, cookers, tables, blenders, mixers, chutes, etc 1-4 % v/v water 20-80 C
  • -Aluminum Equipment-containers, processing equipment, carts, etc. 1-4 % v/v water 20-80 C
  • -Bathroom faucets-sinks-toilet seats bidets bathroom accessories-ceramic tiles 1-4 % v/v water 20-80 C
  • -Floors-Concrete Composition 1-6 % v/v water 20-80 C
  • -Walls, painted surfaces 0.5-2 % v/v water 20-80 C