DIPX is a strong powder Destainer containing oxygen realizing power , safe on all tableware . you just dip all your kitchenware and in just minutes and DIPX will not only remove all stains but will give a nice shiny look

DIPX Destainer quickly and easily removes coffee, tea, and other tough stains from beverage serving equipment. DIPX Destainer ensures that coffee pots, urns, tea and beverage pitcher, etc. look clean and stain-free. Contains oxygenated bleach.

With fast acting DIPX powder for removal of stubborn tannin stains , effectively assists in the removal of burnt-on food residue and starch . DIP_X is suitable for soaking to removes stains from cups, coffee pots and teapots

Dosage : 2 to 3 gr/ 1 lt washing water

Packaging : 1 KG Drum