INTERCHEM G-LANCE IT’S A Ready-to-use window cleaner Non-streaking, quick-drying, ammonia free . Cleans and shines glass, mirrors, sinks, counter tops, stainless steel and many other washable surfaces. Cuts through grease, grime, soap films, finger marks and smoke films .Blue in color

Dosage : for ready-to-use packaging use direct .

for concentrated packaging dilute 1: 10 of water

Packaging : 1lt. ready-to-use , 4lt. concentrated .

  • Spray a liberal amount on a clean MF towel
  • Wipe the glass and spread out the product, work in an area of roughly 20 by 20 inches Either turn the MF towel around or grab the other MF towel and wipe off the product
  • Keep wiping till the glass is clean and streak free In case or light smears, it can be enough to spray a mist of water on a clean MF towel and wipe the glass again

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