Economic body wash formulated with exceptional blend of cleaners, conditioners, and gentle walnut shell pumice for medium and heavy-duty cleaning of industrial dirt and soils. Gentle on skin and powerful on dirt, grease, and grime with a pleasant of berries fragrance


منظف لؤلؤلي بنفسجي للايدى برائحة زهرة الاوركيد و اللافندر الممزوج  بمستخلص الحليب ،ناعم على البشره

طريقة الإستخدام: يستعمل بدون تخفيف فى جميع أنواع الصبانات اليدويه

A Purple hand and body wash cleaner with a pleasant smell

  • With fresh orchid flower & lavender smell with milk effect.
  • Cleans skin with no irritation.

Use: use undiluted in hand dispensers