Harvi jacuzzi (1&2)

  • Hygienic jacuzzi bath Cleaner & Disinfectant & Jets and Tubes
  • Pack Size: 1 kilo 

Features: -Fast acting equation -effectively on hot tubs, spas, and bathtubs -Deodorization&protection. -scrubs inside the pipes and lines of your jetted tub -cleans the areas that you can’t see -keeps plumbing & jets running at optimal performance -tub will look, feel and smell better

Ideal For: whirlpool bath, jacuzzi bath, bath tubes

Application: Shake the bottle well, For whirlpools with internal semi-automatic cleaning systems:1. Fill the whirlpool with warm water to 5 cm above the highest openings of the water or air jets. 2. Pour 50-75 ml of Harvi 1 . 3.Turn on all the systems for 15 mins. 4. Empty the bath and rinse with clean water. Repeating the treatment with clean water is not necessary. To prevent the build up of dirt it is advisable to clean the whirlpool every 2-3 weeks, depending on usage