Harvi Sauna (cleaner)

  • Sauna cleaner and disinfectant
  • Pack Size: 4 litres.

Features: -Powerfully cleans and disinfects -Deodorizes and has a clean, fresh scent –Kills mold and mildew -Kills MRSA, HIV, and influenza germs on surfaces -The agent retains its natural color -does not discolor the wood -does not leave residues. -does not contain alcohol (no fire hazard) -it does not pose a risk of inhaling harmful compounds.

Ideal For: Liquid agent for cleaning wooden elements of the sauna: walls, benches, platforms, etc. -Also used in small booths.

Application: Shake the bottle well, Remove gross filth or heavy soil prior to application Disinfectant Cleaner. prepare the cleaning solution: mix with a solution of 1 dl sauna cleanser and disinfectant and 10 litres of warm water. Use a Spread the agent with a sponge or brush in dirty places and protective gloves to clean wooden surfaces. If the dirt is embedded deep in the benches you can remove it with sandpaper. Rub the paper in the direction of the wood fibres. After washing, rinse the wood surface and dry thoroughly. Heating the sauna speeds up the drying process. The agent dries without leaving any traces. After cleaning, just turn on your sauna for one hour with the door, vents and/or windows open to ensure it is fully dry. This product works best in conjunction with the Stelon Oy Paraffin Oil Treatment – creating a protective surface that protects and preserves the cleaned wood.