Harvi Sauna (Oil)

  • Sauna Wood Oil Protects & Nourishes Sauna Wood
  • Pack Size: 1 Liter

Features: -Extends life of sauna wood by preventing wood splitting and excess moisture absorption -Color/fragrance/solvent/toxin free/nature-friendly/proprietary formulation -keeps plumbing & jets running at optimal performance -tub will look, feel and smell better -Enjoy a safe, clean, and healthy bathtub

Ideal For: Protects all types of sauna wood and visually enhances the aesthetics of untreated wooden surfaces, including areas like benches and panels, Suitable for both traditional & infrared saunas

Application :• Prepare your sauna wood for the treatment using Harvi Sauna Cleaner then Do not need any dilution. Shake well before use. Apply thin layers of Sauna Bench Protection to surface with a brush or a cloth and let it absorb. The oil absorbs instantly into the wood. Finish the surface twice. Then warm up the sauna and wipe off the excess oil. The amount of layers is 1 – 4 depending on the quality of the surface. Polish the surface between layers.