Hydrosan (Chlorine Tablets)

  • Concentrated sanitizer Tablets
  • Packaging : 100 tablets

Hydrosan (Chlorine Tablets) is an effervescent chlorine release tablets. Provides a powerful disinfecting solution effective against all micro- organisms: ie Lysteria, monocytogenes bacteria, moulds yeast and viruses. Provides a safe and stable form of chlorine.

is recommended for all hard surfaces in food industry, catering, fruits and vegetable, blood spillage. Used also in hospital cleaning.


  • Fast acting
  • Easy to use : Simply add a tablet to a given volume of water. The tablet quickly dissolves to produce a ready-to-use disinfecting solution.
  • Economical : One tablet dissolved in 10 litres of water gives a solution with 150 ppm available chlorine.
  • Powerful disinfecting action : Hydrosan Sani Tablets once dissolved in water, will be effective against all micro-organisms, including Lysteria, Monocytogenes bacteria, moulds, yeast and viruses.
  • Stable and safe : Hydrosan Sani Tablets is stable, retaining their strength when stored. Long duration of sterilizing effect.