Microfiber Multi Purpose Towel

  • فوط مايكروفايبر متعددة الاستخدام

  • This Towel is Manufactured With Top Quality Micro fiber Yarn .
  • This Towel Is heavier than other same sized towels .
  • as a results it can absorb more water One Swipe is Enough to Remover water on surface .
  • This Towel has special Covering edge .380 GSM
  • This towel is made of 80%polyester & 20% polyamide with brushed finishing.
    it is soft and quick dry, easy to carry.
  • Microfiber cleaning towels can also be used for glass cleaning, lens cleaning, eyeglass cleaning, optical cleaning, screen cleaning and for other household cleaning purposes.
  • Also can be used as lens cleaning cloth, optical cleaning cloth, computer cleaning cloth etc.
  • The towel can absorb the sweat and the water very fast after washing your hair and face.
  • They are available in 7 different Color yellow, Sky Blue ,Dark Blue , Red , Orange , Pink, Green.