• Oven & Grill Cleaner
  • Package Type: 1 L plastic .

Oveno Removes heavily encrusted grease and carbon . produces a cling foam that penetrates through baked on grease and grime. A  formula  containing non ionic active materials. Oveno can be used on all surfaces such as ovens, cookers, grills, fryers and chimney hoods

  • OVEN C uses the power of alkaline and ammonia to degrease and clean tough oven and grill surfaces. It does a fantastic job on oily greasy burned on areas, and it can power through some really tough sticky stained areas in your oven and grill.
  • This cleaner will truly amaze as you wipe away dirty grime to reveal a shining clean surface. Make sure to rinse this product thoroughly before using the oven again

Use : for surfaces .. heated up to 65° C and used neat with a sprayer