Single disc (CHAOBAO A-002)

  • Floor Scrubber Brushing Machine
  • Multifunction floor and carpet cleaning
  • Tank Capacity: 8 L.



1. It is handy and has a beautiful appearance and a precise and compact internal structure

2. It uses an air-cooling motor and adopts the double-capacitor design, allowing a safer operation

3.Suitable for various floor cleaning: marble, wooden floor, ceramic tile, floor, foam pad, pure wool carpet.

It has multiple functins such as carpet and floor cleaning, floor crystal treatment and renewing

4. Accessories: main body, handle, water tank, 17” hard brush, 17” soft brush, 17” pad holder, 17” driving plate, aggravating iron

Brand Name:CHAOBAO

Model Number: A-002

Feature:High Efficiency, Low noise, Easy to use

Technical specification:                               

Place of Origin: China
Application:School, hotel, household, etc
Voltage: 220V-240V
Cleaning width: 460mm

Brush Diameter: 17”

Power Line Length: 12m

Rotating Speed: 175 rmp

Color:   blue

Cleaning details
1. Wash the floor
It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of floors, wooden floors, government office buildings, commercial plaza buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and factories, office buildings and workshops. Stations, hotels, entertainment venues, etc.
2. Wash the carpet
It is suitable for all kinds of carpets. Almost all modern office decorations use carpets, but the disadvantage of laying carpets is the cleaning problem. If the carpet is soiled, it is not only unsightly, but also breeds bacteria and dust mites. Therefore, a carpet cleaning plan should be arranged for the office to keep the carpet clean at any time to prevent the growth of bacteria.
3. Waxing
This machine can be used to polish floors, floor tiles, Dali, etc. (waxing water, scouring pads are required). It has a high penetration and dissolving ability. It can quickly and effectively dissolve various waxes and other oily substances. It can be washed after dilution. The surface of the hard floor is oily, and then clean it with other rubbish or mop.
4. Polishing
This machine can be used to polish floors, floor tiles, Dali, etc. (requires scouring pads). The traditional protection method is waxing, but the reflection of the stone surface is inconsistent with the reflection of the wax layer, so the ground will be blurred after waxing one slice. In addition, waxing must be waxed regularly, and most of the waxing water is strongly alkaline. Marble and terrazzo will quickly age due to corrosion of calcium carbonate. The quartz of granite has high corrosion resistance, but feldspar and mica are not corrosion resistant, so the pits expand and deepen, becoming uneven.