Single Bucket Trolley

  • تروللي نظافة جردل واحد بعصارة
  • Single bucket with squeezer

تروللي نظافة بحاوية واحدة للماء المتسخ ، مضاف اليه عصاره لتنشيف موب التنظيف

  • Heavy-duty mop wringer and bucket with corrosion-resistant handles and hardware.
  • Raised back design gives added leverage when wringing, helps reduce chance of back strain.
  • Side-press wringer.
  • Convenient mop handle holder.
  • Non-marking caster.
  • 20 Litre capacity.
  • Mobile mop bucket units
  • Features single bucket and wringer
  • Visible yellow finish and easy to read text
  • Easy to clean and transport
  • Fitted with handy carry handle