• Rubber Wax Polish
  • Packaging : 1 liter

Rubber Polish is a liquid polish that cleans, protects and imparts a beautiful shine Rubber Polish  is easy to apply and buff. The protective dust repellant film resists water & finger marking. Liquid for cleaning parquets and wood with glossing wax. Coconut It cleans efficiently lacquered or waxed Rubber floors and other wooden surfaces. The top quality wax preserves the cleaned surfaces and gives them full gloss. Repeated application of the polish increases the floor resistance against dirt

Keeps your Rubber Floor looking its best with our specially formulated wax polish.
Made from natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients

  • is made using an advanced formula with four special additives that work together to help your product look better and last longer.
  • This product contains beeswax to help wood maintain the proper moisture balance needed to prevent it from drying out.
  • Carnauba wax provides a thin layer of protection to help reduce surface scratches. Paraffin wax gives the Rubber a sparkling shine. –
  • Our product also has a UV3 additive that reduces the damaging effects of sunlight including fading and premature aging.

✦ About : For daily cleaning, is formulated with a neutral PH to effectively yet gently, clean, shine and extend the life of floors, along with the floor’s finish, the residue-free formulated eliminates the need for rinsing during regular cleaning, professional gold label concentrated neutral floor cleaner is fortified with optical brighteners, UV inhibitors and built-in water softener to remove hard water haze, it’s perfect companion for floors coated with any of the RUBBAX.

✦How to use: Dilute from 1 to 18 liters of water, Shake well before use.