Feminine Hygiene sanitary pad bin

  • Feminine Hygiene bin sanitary bin sanitary pad bin

Our units are equipped with a smooth foot pedal for touch free operation, with a capacity of 21 liters. Our unit- surface is made of Anti-Microbial properties, Our feminine hygiene sanitary service gives the peace of mind and confidence that you are providing your visitors and employees with a safe, discreet, easy to use, and hygienic sanitary solution. Our touch free feminine sanitary units, with Integrated Anti-Microbial Technology, are the most hygienic solution to help prevent the spread of germs.

Disposing of feminine sanitary waste is a sensitive issue. Washroom visitors can feel anxious about touching sanitary bin surfaces due to the potential harboring of bacteria. Providing a safe and hygienic means of sanitary disposal ensures you are providing a more pleasant experience for your visitors and employees.

Advantages of our Sanitary waste disposal concept:-

1. Reduce plumbing problems & the cost of the same.

2. Touch- free and smoother operation to prevent nosocomial infection.

3. Clean & Hygienic Environment in washrooms.

4. Safe & Hygienic way to disposal of sanitary waste.

5. Excellent & Electrifying Positive feedback from your Female Staff.

6. Minimum harm to the Environment.

7. Odor Free Washroom.

Size 21L
Color White and Grey
Material Plastic