Double Bucket Trolley

  • تروللي نظافة بعصاره ، ٢جردل و حامل لادوات النظافة
  • Heavy Duty Mop Bucket and Wringer Trolley Double Buckets Water Separate

تروللي نظافة –عصارة معدن –٢ جردل واحد للمياه النظيفة و الاخر للمياه الغير نظيفة

حامل لادوات النظافة – مستورد و مصنع من اجود انواع البلاستيك

High Quality Commercial mop bucket wringer heavy duty

  • Commercial products, hotel, hospital, supermarket etc
  • Professional high-quality multi-purpose cleaning cart, cleaning vehicle with wringer cleaning.
  • Resistive plastic ABS made of solid metal handle, 4 wheels and its handle, easy to move and easy to clean.
  • Color: yellow, material: PP.capacity 35L
  • This hygienic cart will be very easy, cleaning the collective or large surface will be very easy, comfortable or effective, because it allows you to transport all the cleaning products you need.
  • Removable wiper and water separator for easy maintenance
  • Prime quality anti impact bucket body
  • Premium tubular steel and structural  molded plastic for long-lasting durability
  • Ergonomic handle design makes the work more easily
  • More than 500000 times service lift of the wringer
  • High security packing material to least the damage of the delivery.